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Russ Fogel specializes in fabrication, assembly and installation of HDPE pipelines underwater. He has been involved in deep water HDPE pipeline deployment during the past 12 years, and shallow water installations for the past 25 years, providing consulting, management and site supervision.
Brightwater Outfall King County, WA Consulting/Management/Site Supervision

ENR Winner - Best Projects Award

Chosen by Engineering News Record from a field of over 1,500 regional winners, recognizing excellence in U.S. design and construction projects. The outfall, the final leg of the Brightwater Treatment Plant effluent line, was completed a year ahead of schedule in late 2008 at a cost of just over $29 million, 23% less than the original estimate of $38 million.  Read more >>

Triton Marine Construction and Russ Fogel Inc put a team in place for the qualification phase of the project.  This team was chosen for the design and construction phase of this project.  After being accepted as one of five design build firms allowed to bid, I assisted in the design, focusing primarily on constructability and cost issues. 

Upon award I became the Construction Project Manager for the $30 million King County Brightwater Marine Outfall which provides wastewater discharge of up to 170 MGD to Puget Sound.  The project consisted of approximately 400 LF of 84” diameter steel pipe and 5000 LF of twin 63” diameter HDPE pipes (DR 21 and 26) each with a 250-foot long diffuser.  The pipelines were buried in the nearshore area out to -80 feet MLLW and laid on the sea bottom from there to the final terminus at a depth of 600 feet.  Approximately 600 LF of the nearshore trench was shored using steel sheetpile to minimize the impact area footprint.  A nearly 300-foot long work trestle was constructed alongside the nearshore trench area to facilitate sheetpile installation, digging, pipe installation, and backfill.  The work trestle was constructed of two lines of 24” steel pipe piles at 30’ centers connected with steel wide flanged beams and decked with 22’ long crane mats.  The design build contract was completed in a 13-month period from October 2007 (start of design) to November 2008 (completion of construction) including final acquisition of permits.

Deep Water Cooling, Beachcomber Hotel, Bora Bora, French Polynesia - Consulting/Management/Site Supervision
Installation of Deep Water Cooling pipeline 2300 meters in length, 400mm in diameter and terminating in 920 meters of water.

Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada - Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling - Consulting/Management/Site Supervision
Installation of cooling project consisting of three 63” HDPE pipelines. Each line was 3 miles in length and terminated in 300' of water.

Kaehole Point, HI - Management/Site Supervision
NELHA water-cooling project - Installation of 9,850 lf of 55” diameter HDPE pipe. This line was 2.5 miles in length and terminated in 3000' of water.

Ithaca, NY - Project Superintendent/Estimator
Cornell University, lake source cooling project - Installation of 10,343 lf of 63” diameter HDPE pipe laid to 250’ depth. This project was the deepest, longest, largest diameter HDPE pipe installed until the deepwater cooling line for Enwave.

Point, TX - Project Manager/Estimator
City of Point - Installation of 500’, 8” diameter HDPE pipe and 4 leg jacket type structure for raw water intake.

Jacksonville, FL - Project Superintendent
U.S. Naval Base - Installation of approximately 400’ of 18” and 22” HDPE sewer outfall in the St. Johns River with upland tie-in to existing sewer line and manhole. Outfall diffuser installed with timber pile and brace foundation.
Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic-Project Superintendent                                                                                                            Two 54-inch-diameter, 3,600-foot-long, side-by-side HDPE pipelines starting in Puerta Plata harbor and terminating just off a reef in the Atlantic Ocean


King County/Brightwater Outfall

Enwave Energy Corporation

Makai Ocean Engineering Inc.